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5 digital printing trends for promising year 2017


In this digital era, nothing stands still, they move continuously follow the demands and taste of consumers and printing is not exceptional. That the trends come and go is so normal, what you had done last year might be trendy but until now, it is out-of-date. 2017 will continue to be predicted as a year of digital printing, I will list the 5 main printing trends that you should consider.

Bright and bold colors

Continuing the trend in 2016, when muted and understated were totally dated, vibrant colors start to dominate the market. In 2017, the trend of designers will be brighter and bolder. Using bright colors like neon, pastel or more saturated colors will make your designs not as old as in the 50s and 60s but it still brings the feeling of classic but fresher. Bright colors are the sign of passion, stimulation, and enthusiasm, they will affect a lot of feelings of visitors. When customers come to a website that brings them the positive feelings, the chance to increase conversion rate will be really high. You can refer the themes on Cmsmart marketplace to get the full experiment with rich, vibrant and powerful colors.

Modern Retro

A lot of top designers agree that they are inspired a lot by styles that were ever popular from the 1970s. The references for innovation might come from early video games with their pixelated graphics, pop culture, space themes and it will be the omission if we forget general retro influences. A few years ago, people might see it as the out-of-date design but now, it is quite cool, right?


If you know how to take advantages of white and empty space, you will be surprised with what it brings to your site. In 2017, smart designers start considering to use negative space. It means that imagery is created by shapes formed between the graphics, rather than by the graphics themselves. If you follow this way, your designs will be actually impressive and unique in comparison to the traditional way.

Custom illustrations

In 2017, let’s forget the images or clip-art available on the Internet or copy from somewhere else, let’s be yourself. Customers tend to be attracted more by the independent brands and original products. I have seen some case of small businesses like craft beers and small retailers when they get more attention from customers by this way. It is predicted that custom illustrations will become really hot in 2017. Now, it’s time for hand-drawn illustrations and original imagery and let’s throw stock images and clip-art away. It not only makes brand unique among the crowd but also gives designers more freedom, more space for creativity.

Typography will tell more than type

In this year, typography will continue to be seen as the indispensable part of every design, only using text is never enough. Your statement will be emphasized if you use typography with size, color, and arrangement.

Overall, the trend will change continuously depends on the demands and taste of consumers. Let’s be trendy and develop your printing business in your own ways.

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