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What makes WordPress Printshop theme different from other printing solutions?

In the last years of the 20th century, printing was just mentioned in bulk industrial scale and played an important role the publishing industry, the private printing is pretty faint. However, along with the change in demands and explosion of the Internet, the sharp increase of private printing companies has been balancing the market structure. When searching. You may be surprised at the number of online printing websites appeared, millions, no even billions. Those websites are built by different open-sources and one of the most popular one is WordPress. It can be affirmed that printshop WordPress is a system helping you to create a powerful website with custom product online and ecommerce. One of the perfect products from Cmsmart following this statement is WordPress Printshop Printshop theme with Online Design Packages. You may wonder that the awesome WordPress is widely used if you still believe in this open-source, will you become unique among huge amount of current operating website? The answer is absolutely yes! Cmsmart with professional and long years’ experience in design; we are all proud that we can offer you an amazing product that can make your site become so special as well as most convenient for your client. We can make the popular thing like WordPress become a special one. You can take a look over the brief and clear analysis of this product to understand more. Let’s see what makes WordPress Printshop theme different among many other printing solutions. Continue reading “What makes WordPress Printshop theme different from other printing solutions?”

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How Magento web to print theme with online design works

Magento web to print theme

If you intend to start an online business but don’t know which industry you should take part in, a suggestion for you is digital printing. Why? The digital printing market is so wide and contains a lot of opportunities to develop and earn huge benefits. If you still confused, let see everything around you, how many of them are the products of the printing industry? I believe that you will see T-shirt, cup, business card, canvas, etc. Continue reading “How Magento web to print theme with online design works”

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How to configure and use price matrix feature in WordPress T-shirt design theme

How to configure and use price matrix feature in WordPress T-shirt design theme

Product pricing is always a headache issue for any business owner. The relationship between an item’s price and its quality is the important factor that determine customers spend their money or not. In the market that has been more and more crowded day by day, the concept of cash cow marketing has been called into question and setting price also becomes more complicated. We have different price for different materials or different quantity. Not easy at all. Luckily, we have price matrix feature.

What does price matrix mean to WordPress T-shirt design theme?

This feature was first designed by Philip Kotler. It focuses on the cross-section between the two metrics that lend the model its name. After researching the market, business owners can give a suitable price for each field in the table matrix. Price will affect consumers’ perception about your products listed on WordPress T-shirt design theme. Therefore, you need to ensure that the quality of your offer complements your price point accordingly. Because the price of printing items will depend a lot on which materials they are printed on, colors of ink, or the quantity of each order (more items will cost less). We have a lot of reason for not setting the same price for all orders. So, let’s see how can we configure and use price matrix feature in WordPress T-shirt design theme in this video:

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Huge benefits of working with Woocommerce product designer plugin

Huge benefits of working with Woocommerce product designer plugin

If you are running a printing business or working in a business that requires much designing, I bet that you are always in a constant race against time. Design, design, and design for different clients with different orders. Any time you can save by speeding up your design process can be hugely beneficial. That’s when online design tool like Woocommerce product designer plugin works. By using this tool, you can save a lot of time, money for delivering both quantity and quality and increase customer satisfaction. This post will clarify more about the huge benefits of working with Woocommerce product designer plugin, here we go:

  1. It’s online, so you get quick access

Forget about any software downloads, forget about the large files of design sample sent from customers, all you have now is an online design tool and customers can design their own products online. And what’s even better, they can do this at any time and from anywhere with an internet connection.

  1. It is very easy to use

Woocommerce product designer plugin was created to make it easier even for users who have no knowledge of design, graphics. All features are included and shown in design pages such as Add text, QR code, clipart, upload images, freehand drawing. Moreover, it also comes with lots of learning resources, which means you’ll have free access to video tutorials, how-to guides and lots of other online resources to quickly get you up and running.

  1. Designs are safe and up to date

When your users haven’t finished designing already or they are not totally satisfied with what they have done, it is so easy, they can save it for the next time. Some online design tools will delete your design when exiting but with Woocommerce product designer, everything still remains.

  1. It is a faster way to design

Woocommerce product designer plugin allows users to skip or speed up certain steps in their design process by using one-click buttons to generate a shape or an object. Furthermore, as I said before, we design directly on design page so we can save a lot of time for sending design files to shop owners and wait for their response, we will design as we want with available tools and send it to shop owners, simplified the process.

  1. Vast online libraries of objects

Now, let’s see the list of things we have in the library:

  • Over 200 typographies
  • 1500000 beautiful images
  • Over 400 shapes and 25000 icons

They are just what available for designs, users can upload or create for their own, creativity is unlimited.

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How to install WordPress T-shirt design theme into your hosting – quickstart

How to install WordPress T-shirt design theme into your hosting quickstart

Nowadays, T-shirt seems to be the must-have item in wardrobes across the globe. Any people from any range of age, from any genders, can also wear T-shirt because it brings people convenient and comfortable. Although T-shirt is a popular product, all smart business owners can find that it belongs to million dollar industry. Starting an online T-shirt business is a popular choice for both beginner and veteran e-commerce entrepreneurs because thanks to the technology advancements, T-shirts are cheap to source, have universal appeal, and are relatively simple to customize.

If you have an idea of starting your own online T-shirt business, I want to affirm that this is profitable but high competitive market. Therefore, the first requirement is your website need to be unique and outstanding among thousands of online T-shirt providers. How? Provide high-quality products, create appealing designs, and build a strong brand image.

Many people might worry that it is a daunting process and ever it will be more difficult and complicated to the one who first starts an online business. However, in fact, it is not such a hard process because we have WordPress T-shirt design theme integrated online design package from Cmsmart. You can refer this list of special features as follow:

  • Multiple ultimate responsive layouts
  • Navigation features: Mega menu, flexible category page, etc.
  • Features for improving shopping cart and shopping experience: Ajax cart, Ajax search, Shop by brand, One step checkout, etc.
  • Use siteorigin page builder
  • Woocommerce product designer newest version 2.0.0
  • CRM
  • Integrated multi vendor

They are all powerful feature for a T-shirt printing website, right? If you already bought this WordPress T-shirt design theme, I will show you how to install into your hosting by quickstart in this video:

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Top benefits of using online printers instead of using local printers

Top benefits of using online printers instead of using local printers

Online or local?

Over the last decade, we have observed the increase of ecommerce stores and it rapidly exceeds the amount of brick and mortar business models brick and mortar business models. A lot of consumers agreed that they loved and desired the convenience of being able to shop online. Due to that trend, online printing has been also dominating the printing market because it is now easier than ever to order your printed materials online.

I have ever met some consumers who believe that using smaller local printers will save time and money but in fact, an online printing service provides more benefits in comparison to smaller local printing companies.

Time is gold and that is so great when online printing service can offer the option to work on a project from the office and from home. We can save time of traveling, time means money, right? Ordering online can eliminate many of the hassles associated with ordering print but the most important advantage is you can design it online, you can design a product that brings your own signature.

Reduce costs with optimization and automation

The automation in process of online printing will reduce considerably the cost associated with using services. When printing process is streamlined both wasted time and money will be reduced. It means that the cost of producing a product is low, the price consumers need to pay will also decrease as well.

Using an online commercial printer is extraordinarily easy. Customers go to a website and click on products they want and then design by choosing available sample or design by themselves with online design tool ( try the demo with Woocommerce product designer plugin). If there are no issues with the file, the system will send the customer a final proof for them to inspect and check for any errors in their artwork one last time before it goes to production.

Design common marketing materials quickly

Complementing the automation of an online service is the use of online design for some of the more common job types. A template will make a relatively easy job dead simple by having a general layout completed in which a customer can plug in information and images, or select options from a drop-down menu. Larger companies with multiple locations or franchises can utilize web-to-print portals to save a great deal of time coordinating the distribution of new marketing materials.

Work at scale for business

Online printers are so flexible in handling both large and small orders regularly while a smaller local printer an excess amount of time to complete. In most cases, an online printer will have a much broader range of equipment and a larger inventory of paper that will greatly increase their ability to accommodate any printing needs a customer may have. Higher quality printing with reasonable price, so great choice. The latest printing technology called H-UV press is so efficient in reducing turnaround time because UV light will be used for cutting or folding, done right away rather than having to sit for as long as a day to dry.

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3 steps of domain mapping for website built on web2print saas solution

3 steps of domain mapping for website built on – web2print saas solution allows organizations both large and small to completely eliminate the way they build and operate a printing business. Besides handling problems related to initial investment, Web2print saas solution will bring us to a print environment with more stability, more convenience, more control, and more cost-effectiveness. When you start build a website on, the domain will be default as provider setup. It will not contain your business name or have nothing related to your service, just a default domain with number. We all know that on a basic level, domain names are important because the Internet’s addressing scheme is not very effective without them. A domain name that is even short is much more than just a technical shortcut. A memorable domain name can make the difference between creating a successful Web presence and getting lost in cyberspace. Some benefits of a proper domain name are:

  • Adding credibility to small business: If you use a common domain name from a provider, it cannot inspire confidence in a customer because while you can’t even own a appreciate domain name, why would consumers think you’d put any effort into creating valuable products or services?
  • Showing that you are forward – thinking
  • Adding mobility to your Internet presence.
  • Attracting walk-in business
  • Build your brand: there is one fact that if your domain name matches your company name, it will increase the awareness of your brand because when customers search your website, it is also one time they remind about your brand name.

Due to that importance, it is so crucial when building a printing website with your own domain name in – web2print saas solution. In this post, I will give you 3 steps of domain mapping for the website built on

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WordPress Printshop theme: How to start a digital printing business with minimum investment

WordPress Printshop theme

Digital printing demand is still there and we can earn millions simply by answering to the market demand. To start a business, it requires building a website, buying a printer, printing software for digital printing and stock-up. They are all the necessary steps. The potential for this industry is huge but you need to prepare well for everything.


  1. Deep pocket

Offset printing will take you more money than digital printing does. You got to have to invest in offset printing machine – which is expensive. You also need to consider maintenance costs and budgeting for spare part – even printers – replacements. Considerable investment amount!

  1. Exhaustive business plan

Don’t make yourself get stuck in the planning stage and fail to do anything else beyond that. One common suggestion from experts is doing exhaustive business plan. Printing business is a long-term business, and you need to project your financials properly.

  1. The whole suite of graphic design software

Adobe Photoshop is good, but you need to apply for other design suites like Quark. Now, business owners usually apply online design tool that allows customers to design by themselves but you still need to invest in AP and design suites for designing available collection. Quite costly!

  1. Strong print design knowledge

Knowing how to use Adobe Photoshop is totally different from how can you use it to run a successful printing business. Take design class and/or courses is better because hiring someone with that knowledge is costly, especially in the early stage of your small business.

Great low investment and high potential idea with WordPress Printshop theme

I really like the idea when you start your digital printing business as a broker. What does it mean? No investing in printing machines, no design software license, no physical location. All you need to have is a computer, mobile phone, and Internet access.

You connect clients to printing partners. You get orders or help clients design and then send those printing designs to partners. You really work is maintaining a healthy relationship with your clients and printing partners. How to do?

  • Build a website: Because you work online so you need a home for every participant and it should be built by WordPress Printshop Theme. This solution will help you build a perfect website with great UI, UX, easy to use for both business owners and consumers. It brings all convenience for prospects to submit their requests online. WordPress Printshop theme will work like a virtual office that looks so professional with receptionists, mail boxes and many others.
  • Portfolio: You might even need to work on projects free of charge to get your printing business name out. Consider this as an investment.
  • Crowdsource for ideas: of course, you will need to have an available gallery of printing design to choose but what makes customers really excited is WordPress Printshop theme has Woocommerce product designer plugin that allows consumers to design by themselves, the products they receive will have their own signature.
  • Promote, promote and promote: just build and it will grow. No, nothing could be such easy. You need to share and promote your business widely via all channels. That’s a great way to let your prospects know the quality of your work.
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Applying Growth-Driven Design to digital printing Websites

Applying Growth-Driven Design to digital printing Websites

Our life has changed rapidly along with the development of information technology. Traditional web design seems to be out of date or not to be enough for business owners. In that situation, Growth-Driven Design appeared as the wonderful and dynamic marketing approach. Most of people who have used GDD agree that GDD enables them to minimize risks of traditional web design with a systematic approach shortening the time to launch. Unlike traditional methods – doing everything at one time, GDD reduces risks and saves tons of time for users by focusing on iterations or “sprints”. Here are the steps for applying GDD to your printing sites:

Plan Ahead

To build a good house, at first, you need to build a solid foundation. In this field, everything occurs the same; it had better finish the basic starting steps of setting S.M.A.R.T goals, developing complete buyer personas and doing both quantitative and qualitative research.What is SMART goals? It stands for specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound. If follow these five letters, you can easily avoid generalizations and instead, you can calculate everything and evaluate accurately how you are progressing, what will need to be done next.

It is the same for quantitative and qualitative research as well as fully-developed buyer personas. It can be considered as the tools that guarantee that you will reach the right person at the right time and make them satisfied with the service and get them interested.

Last but not least, after finishing all the steps above, never forget feedbacks from your customers and the data that summarizes your process including traffic volume and conversion rates. You can know exactly where you are, your strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities.

Creating Your Site

Never go headfirst into putting together a full website right at the first time, which just makes everything messing up. It had better start with creating a wishlist with creative ideas from all team members. Including 360° images or integrating all social media accounts in your dream sites, that’s all awesome. Among that wishlist, let’s choose “must-have” items, which make your website as inviting as possible. To find those items, you just need to answer the question: what are the basic of envious stores? There will some terms you need to understand: Store entrance is homepage, Aisles is category pages, Shelves is attributes your sort products and Products is product detail page.

Analyzing and Developing

After all the basic steps above, don’t stop. If you go further, there will be a lot of interesting and helpful things waiting for you. Analyze deeper by keeping track of metrics, checking the effectiveness of your strategies and making changes if necessary. The information may be about items are being most interested in or topics that are viewed the most.

Your result of analyzing process should be published in a central location, where all members in your company can observe and argue. They will be the key factors to complete your roadmap for future site changes and decisions.

All in all, if you follow those steps in applying GDD, building a successful and awesome site is not a difficult and complicated task.

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How to survive in the age when online printing giants rule the world

How to survive in the age when online printing giants rule the world

From the data collected and analyzed as well as the obvious movement you can observe in practice, it is undeniable that the international print industry continues developed brightly with the price it requires is declining. Some business owners complain that online printing and relevant factors are ruining the prices in their industry. Major online print providers are the objects they blame for. However, the reality is not so pessimistic; it had better find and analyze the cause rather than just blaming for them. We believe that there are some misunderstandings about the antitrust perspective. Firstly, a question comes that is why customers decide to switch from conventional printing to online one. There are six main aspects of online printing predominates:

  • Convenience: customers can place their orders any time they want in an actually simple way
  • Inexpensive price: they offer very competitive (aggressive) pricing, even with far cheaper price in comparison to the conventional methods
  • Versatility: there are hundreds of offerings for choosing
  • Regardless of where you are, what time it is and what communication channel you use, providers still can serve
  • Instant pricing: online stores will provide a price quote almost immediately.
  • Delivering promptly: a 24- or 48-hour service is the norm for most online providers.

Despite the factors mentioned above about all power online printing companies, there are still some strategies can take conventional print companies out of this dilemma situation and survive in this age. Here are several feasible strategies suggested:

  1. Finding your own market, your own place to develop. With online printing, everything is not possible, or in other words, they still need to rely on standard products. In the near future, online printing will be able to improve this issue quickly but until now, they still need to cooperate with companies that can manufacture niche products with high quality and short time. Several niches based on the type of fold, print method or type of product can be established.
  2. Different methods but it does not mean that conventional and online printing companies cannot be partners. Print providers that can action products particularly well or particularly inexpensively will be the potential partners for major online print providers.
  3. Cooperating with companies. That is a good idea because physical proximity will play an important role in enhancing your delivery lead times or even greatly reduce them.
  4. Up your transparency! Your rivals cannot know all about you including product pricing information or the settings for your latest binder, we sure. Self-confidence is so crucial, you don’t need to follow the crowd, let’s go in your own ways as long as they are suitable for your system and make your business successful.
  5. Increasing reaction speed! Using fax seems not to be the fastest way in our today society. Your company should shorten the time between inquiry and quotation, do not just dealing with the requests in office hours, anytime customers need, you should be ready
  6. Switch off! Let’s throw all out of date software away, it’s better to accept data via Dropbox or Box, to show customers that you really are in the saddle.
  7. Upgrade! It does not mean that you have to buy another piece of machinery but using a smart MIS and fast Internet is a great idea, the process of controlling your pricing and data transfer will become really simple
  8. Not be afraid of change! New experiences will bring you new knowledge and an insight about online-community concepts.
  9. Get younger people on board! The young seem to be sensitive to any changes and trend in the world. They will bring several interesting ideas to your systems and change the process of decision making.
  10. Embracing digital transformation! Take heart and consider how you can improve communication within your business and how you should approach the issue of digital transformation.

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