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WordPress T-shirt solution with the future of T-shirt printing industry

WordPress T-shirt solution with the future of T-shirt printing industry

Recently, I have been particularly interested in the discussion related to the future of Tshirt printing industry. From the data and cases about both digital printing and traditional one, I had drawn a picture of the most feasible future along with WordPress T-shirt solution as the whole. Here it is:

Some traditional printing business scoff at the idea of using a digital printer because they feel that it cheats what they’ve spent years mastering, digital printers can’t handle specialty inks, technical fabrics, or some garments. On the other hand, digital printing businesses suppose that the traditional ones are too slow, and equipment is too expensive.

When time passes, it has proven that digital printing business has been true, they could not only promote all strengths but also improve all the weaknesses traditional ones had said. Print speeds now are already over 300 per hour and that will increase further when print head technology expands. The process of printing a T-shirt of traditional printing business is customers place order, art staff had to take and separate it into the individual colors for printing.  Each screen had to be specifically made for each color with steps for coating the screen, exposing the screen, washing out the emulsion, quality control, and taping.  It can be said that the process of traditional methods will take you more time, more labor and more money. Now, let’s talk about WordPress T-shirt solution with the future of a digital workflow. The first thing is every step of the process will occur online. Customers order online, design by themselves online. A lot of traditional printing workflow steps are eliminated altogether. WordPress T-shirt solution provides A to Z solution for the entire order.

The interesting fact when you apply WordPress T-shirt solution is the significant reduction in transactional costs, production and labor costs. You don’t need the hassles of the screen room, or an art staff trained in high-end simulated process techniques to print, you still can offer amazing looking shirts for your customers, let them be free with their creativity. It can be said that order up and run and out the door quickly is a competitive advantage.

It can be said that, with any industry, with any aspect of our life, if the innovation could make everything become easier and more convenient, it can drive people to follow it, and that is true with this case. Nowadays, I observe a lot of traditional printing retailer start to confirm the influence of digital printing. By some ways, the digital technology still exists in those traditional ones.

If we look closer to T-shirt printing industry, we can acknowledge that WordPress T-shirt solution will get the image on the shirt quicker and more efficiently and we are sure that consumers will accept the differences. They care more about the product they receive rather than how it was printed. Time has changed and if you haven’t invested in the future, if you still want to clings to the old, just after some time, you will not belong to the same world with other business owners.

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