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How Print And Digital Work Together


In a few recent decades, we have observed the freedom development trends of the market as well as the superior of the Knowledge-Based Economy. The flat world is formed with the appearance of the Internet and several concepts such as open sources, plug, and play of outsourcing, etc. When experiencing with the digital world, you can recognize easily that the ...

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Why Don’t Integrate Print Into Your Marketing Campaigns ?


In recent years, Internet sales seem to be the common concept with all people. People trade through Internet every day for diversified types of products. As the result, we can observe the stable growth of Internet sales segmentation and the discussion about whether print is still a choice for e-marketing. A recent research is carried out to improve the thinking ...

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A full-blown misjudgment: the potential of 3D print for the printing industry


The traditional printing industry is not on the edge of extinction, but it has been narrow. However, it has still existed in industrialized countries until now. Recently, it appears large advertising strategies about new business segmentation, it also contains the word “print” in its name and it is 3D-print. A lot of brand new activities reveals thank to this hype. ...

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Online printing company – the teams you need to satisfy your color needs!


As you probably know, the traditional printing era has rapidly shifted to digital. However, the aspect of having a print related content or visuals never lost its uniqueness. Instead, the whole grasp of online printing services have been developed even more – making the customers and companies happier than ever before. An online printing company has lost the shape of ...

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