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Software as a service (SAAS) in digital printing industry

Software as a service (SAAS) in digital printing industry

For each step of the development of Digital Printing Industry in terms of changes in printing technology and the transformation, there have been a lot of studies, a lot of analysis about aspects of this industry; however, it seems that I hardly find the writers have discussed SAAS or Software-as-a-Service.

As print technology has gotten “better, faster and cheaper” it has caused a shift in the types of companies that are offering specific services along the Marketing Services Value Chain.  Service providers are trying to both demonstrate value to customers through broader offerings and also want to get more volume onto new, more flexible print equipment. Many times, new software is considered when purchasing new printing equipment – perhaps composition software or content management software or web-2-print technology- but, even after acquiring the printer and the software, you still have to invest time and money to develop applications on the new platform.

A lot of providers desire to build printing Saas solutions from that new print applications up and running fast, without direct investment in the underlying software, just make monthly payment is enough. There are also hosted solutions for fulfillment management, various vertical market statement and confirmation applications and integrated marketing solutions available.

If in the past, when a business owner wants to build a printing enterprise, he might spend a million or many millions dollar just for building a complete system. If he is not a master of technology, the cost will even double due to hiring developers. However, thanks to printing SAAS, it is typically offered at a very reasonable monthly subscription cost that grows with the number of applications and volume of production used.

If we see from the point of view of a solution provider, when they try to follow SAAS model, that means they offer the ability to tap into expertise and services as opposed to simply software. Having great power tools (particularly rented ones) doesn’t make you a master carpenter any more than having the top software makes you a programmer – or a vertical business expert. A real smart solution providers nowadays must be the one who have proven platforms, customization applications ready-to-run, expert consulting support and a price based on actual usage seems like a great way to broaden services without breaking the bank.

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