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Magento printing website theme: perfect Magento web to print


Do you design to own an amazing printing webshop on the internet with user friendly interface? We – Cmsmart, are so proud to bring you printing solutions with a lot of Magento web to print that bring satisfaction for customers all over the world. Magento printing website theme is one of our hottest and best-seller product based on Magento open source.

 Now, Let’s  take a look over the excellent features of our Magento web to print:

Magento printing theme

Click image to see demo

You are powerful admin

In this new version of Magento printing website theme, we add many more home pages layouts with different features. Moreover, with ultimate layouts, there are five main sections in each home page: header, slideshow, side bar, main and footer. It is fully responsive in all devices. Your web can beconfigured easily with some type of width such as 1024px, 1200px, 1366px or full width. Beside, admin can custom color, background following your wishes, all of them is actually simple, without knowledge about technology.

Fully customizable

With strong admin panel, you can unlimited custom color of header, footer, main menu or detail as you designed. Magento printing website theme has unlimited customization related to your product. Amazing function is that you can custom a number of columns products without rules, it totally depends on you. Number of columns will automatically adapt to different screen resolutions. You can custom not only category page but also your product detail.The customers will be attracted into your product by unlimited color, font, font-size, background image and many more things to make it as your own.

Additionally, Magento web to print theme has flexible category pages with list of categories, price filter and attribute filter. List of categories is so easy to narrow products which you are looking for with list of categories, you will find suitable product and quantity just in few seconds. Moreover, clients are able to adjust price to suite their budget as they want and find a satisfactory product based on product attribute.

Strong header and footer

With powerful layout of Magento printing website theme, the buyers will be attracted by the header, in each page of Magento web to print you can use eight different menus which are very clear, neat with smart interface to make your client excited with every click mouse. Admin custom footer ultimately with five different arranges. With smart information in footer page, itwill enhance your site and drive more customers contact with your company easily.

Ajax technology

Magento web to print brings two functions that will satisfy your customers’ demands, they are built by Ajax technology, buyers can see number of products on cart through, it is perfect solution allowing your customers shopping without waiting for the pages to refreshed, so save a lot of time for users. Ajax search will enable customers to find products by keyword, it is main component on an user – friendly online shop, it will enhance your Magento website with a powerful autocomplete any keyword functionality. All of two functions impress consumers by its convenience.

All in all, Magento web to print is the pride of Cmsmart because it brings comfort for users. It is very useful for your printing company, helps you gain more benefit in serving customer and achieve the final goals that is increasing sale revenue. We highly recommend you buy online design tool to perfect your printing solution. Customers can customize their design before they place an order. We are sure that when you try it, you will surprise to the amazing things which bring to your website.


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