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Magento Online Product Designer Tool for Printing Website

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Today, there are many online printing storefronts provide services which allow customer can create and design the personalized products. Customers will use the online designer tool that was integrated into the printing provider website, and then they can design or customize products in the way that they want. The printing providers will print the products based on the design of customers, it will help customers can get unique products.

In a recent article, I had introduced you a WordPress theme for online printing website which called WordPress Printing Website Theme with Online Design. But today, I want to introduce you to a different product, for a different web platform but still have a similar function. That’s Magento Online Product Designer Extension; it’s suitable for any printing website.

This is not a theme; it’s an extension for Magento website which will bring a powerful online designer tool for your site. This extension can be used with any theme (I recommend to use with Magento Printshop template, this is the best solution for Magento printing website), the site owners just need to install and use. Within 5 minutes then your site will ready for customers to design their own products.


Was developed by a professional Magento developer team, make sure that the online product designer tool will make you satisfied. This extension comes with many powerful features; it will meet all demand of customers. So, in order to understand more about this extension, now we are going to check the list of most outstanding features.


  • User-friendly: this extension was designed with a friendly interface which allows users can use with ease, it also allows store owners can easily to manage and configuration.
  • Choose the colors and sizes of design: it allows users to choose the size and color of each regional design.
  • Design tool: this extension offers a powerful design tool with many functions like zoom, move the item, preview, flip and align design elements, etc…
  • Add and edit text: this tool allows you to add and edit text with many functions such as change color, font, align, move, resize, rotate, delete, etc…
  • Various fonts: users can edit text and use many fonts that available in font library, if they want to use their specific font, they can upload font from their computer.
  • Add and edit clipart: like with text, you can freely to choose clipart from clipart library, add and customize clipart with a lot of function.
  • Cliparts libraries: admin can upload clipart to the library and set up price.
  • Design any types of product: there are many products that can be used with this designer tool. You can use it for t-shirt, phone cases, pillows or many more…
  • Product templates: this extension allows store owners can create the product templates and then customers can use them, modify them to create their own designs.
  • Add color of the product: administrators can add color for any product in the admin panel.
  • Upload image: if customers want to add their images or photos into the product, the upload feature allows them to upload images from their computer easily. The system allows upload file from different format (JPG, PNG, GIF…).
  • Manage the design of customers: this feature helps admin can manage the customer designs in the backend. Therefore, store owners can view and learn from the designs to catch the new design trends that customers like.
  • Save and re-edit design: this helps the customer can save the design and edit them later. Moreover, customer can manage their designs or even share with their friends if they want. All design will be saved in user account and they can view it after placing the order.
  • Easy to translate: if you have an international store, this feature will be very useful.


Thanks for watching my post. I hope my post was brought many exciting things. If you have any question, feel free to feedback here. I and colleagues are willing to support you. Goodluck!

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