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How Print And Digital Work Together


In few recent decades, we have observed the freedom development trends of market as well as the superior of Knowledge – Based Economy. Flat world is formed with the appearance of Internet and several of concepts such as open sources, plug and play of outsourcing, etc.

When experiencing with digital world, you can recognize easily that the contents are the chain and there is so much information out there that it can be difficult to determine what should be published and what should not. To make them become more impressive with your customers, using print is really a good idea; however, there are some misunderstandings about the correlation between print and digital. A lot of people think that digital and print are competing. Nevertheless, it is only like the both side of one coin, although you find numerous differences between them, in reality, it supports for each other a lot and all use for the same purpose that is attracting readers.

Digital tends to focus on the speed of moves while print finds the ways to reach a different realm of the human psyche. When you publish in print, however, you are using resources. It costs money to put things in print. This and it is a more comprehensible reflection of your brand. To deal with your wonder about how print and digital can complete each other; the two ways are mentioned as follow:

Your Digital Audience

If you publish something that your audience is not thrilled about, it’s really not a big deal. It will just get added to the shelf of content that no one will ever look at. Publishing content online offers you a prerogative to recognize the suitable time for upload what your customers are looking for. Through the content your competitors are posting, testing topics and keyword popularity by following #hashtags, and studying search engine keyword trends, you can know what your customers really pay more attention to. The more you study and experience in digital world, the more successful you are in printing.

Your Print Audience

To reach the marvelous achievement in the industries, we cannot deny the contributions of digital. Your goal should always be to keep your audience cycling. Not all the customers can always be close to you and it is necessary for you to provide your customers convenient means to travel between both of you. In other words, it is the process of using your print to drive your traffic back to your digital space. So, the question is how can you deal with this task? The answer is very simple; you just need to clarify what your customers really expect to see. If you can be outstanding enough to them, that they seek you out online is just evident trust. The vehicle like QR codes, augmented reality, and promo codes all work well to keep audience cycling. On typical suggestion is that if you are publishing a novel, you could offer them a free digital copy along with their purchase of the book.

In general, keeping the stable turnover rate is of customer is so crucial, how to make them desire to come back to you again? This era requires us to focus and put your effort more on digital. We are printees and printers that we should focus our efforts on print and ignore the digital. It will be better if you can balance between both of digital and print.

Source: printmediacentr.com

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