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Why You Choose Magento 2 extensions for Printing Business website? (part 1)

Why You Choose Magento 2 extensions for Your Print Commerce Business

That Magento 2 was released brings us to a huge extent giving end-users a seamless digital experience across the brands. Magento 2 extensions and themes come with all features for web to print technology. It can be said that Magento 2 is the successor of the legacy of previous Magento version; it is an open source, flexible and highly scalable platform. So, with those improvements, let’s see what Magento 2.0 has brought more on a plate for web to print customers.

  1. Full page caching

Magento 2 extensions come with full page caching. The loading time for each page is reduced from 5 and 8 seconds to just 1 or 2 seconds. Full page caching works on the principle of loading the pages from the data-driven basic website and converting them into direct HTML. The reduce of loading time is actually meaningful in the ability to attract customers and traffics handled by the server. And of course, the infrastructure cost incurred in deploying more servers for handling additional traffic over websites will be reduced as well. Faster loading time of a website is also useful in improving search engine rankings because it is one of the most important parameters of how Google rank your sites.

Due to the characteristic of printing that is a great deal in terms of printing style and product lines, full page caching can offer them advantage in terms of Google search engine rankings. Moreover, with more website visitors, nothing could be better than that you don’t need to deploy more servers because Magento 2.0 version has an inbuilt capacity to handle a good amount of traffic over the website. These substantial benefits may sound very less but they add up to great benefits in terms of getting online traffic.

  1. One step checkout instead of multi-steps checkout process

Customers might be overwhelmed right at the first sight by the design of your site; however, the factor that influences your conversion rate more is checkout process. That’s the reason Magento simplified checkout process in its 2.0 version.

If you look at the report of Baymard you will recognize that shopping cart abandonment rate is around 68.07%. So what does it mean? Only 1 out of 4 customers finish their purchases. How about the other 3? They abandon and leave. A complex checkout process seems to be one of the most significant reasons why customers abandon their cart without purchase.

This latest version comes with Magento 2 one step checkout extension with product overview and shipping and building address in one step. With some online store, they even do not require visitors to register member account. Shipping address and billing addresses are considered as same by default but can be modified by un-checking the box which specifies if the buyer wants to modify their shipping and billing address.

Nowadays, more and more printing websites apply one step checkout process for their website with the support of Magento 2 extensions, then customers to review their product, product quantity, product quality, printing type, material, artwork and shipping and billing address in the single page. That’s what consumers need!

To be continued…

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